Dear potential Bliss technician,

We want to personally thank you for inquiring about becoming part of the |BLISS| brand.

We have THREE Bliss Canada training Options to choose from.

1) 5 Day Bliss Canada Training Course

This is a 5-day intensive training program that includes 40 hours of in class instruction. Our training includes health & safety, color theory, skin anatomy, eyebrow design, and models.

Our training program has been molded from our knowledge as well as world renowned instructors and combined we have created a training program that we are confident in our student’s success.

We have many women come to us with 2-day training that are unsure of what to do in such a personal invasive cosmetic service, and also putting their clients at risk of infection and/or scarring from not being trained correctly.

2) 5 Day Bliss Canada Training Course & Start up Package
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This course program includes all you need for equipment, Medical Supplies, Service supplies to being your new career as a Microblading Technician. It also includes the above 5 Day Training Course.

3) Become a Bliss Accredited Location
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With the accredited location, you not only receive our top training program, you also become a full partner with Bliss Canada at your location & the rights to share the credit & accomplishments of Bliss Canada branding & advertising. Full 24 hr support from Bliss Canada, industry leading tools, equipment etc.

Bliss Permanent Cosmetics is looking to expand the |BLISS| brand across Canada. We are seeking highly motivated individuals that are willing to own a Bliss package with the option to be in a pre-existing salon, spa, or clinic.

We at Bliss Canada have built a program, that involves Bliss development, daily support, training, advertising, marketing, distribution along with rules, regulations & the highest standards in the permanent makeup industry. We have also prepared a detailed start up package that we are willing to discuss with individuals that are interested in pursuing a career with the potential of a six-figure income.

As you may or may not know, owning your own business is not always a walk in the park. It involves time, energy, and dedication. Through this, it is very rewarding and gives you personal satisfaction.

We thank you for your time & consideration with Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Canada.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Please feel free to contact us for more information

President & CEO
Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Inc.

“I can’t say enough good things about the Eyebrow Training Course! Taylor is an amazing instructor and has so much great information and tips to share. The atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxed, yet professional and I left very confident in the skills I learned. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to be successful in this great industry!”
Keri. L – Bliss Course & Start up Package

“Just completed the 5-day Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup & Microblading / Combo Eyebrow Course with Taylor through Bliss Canada. Extensive hands on and one on one teaching with a very knowledgeable instructor. I’m excited to start my new career in the future and adding more advanced courses.”

Kristie. H – Bliss Accredited Location

“I looked at doing a few different microblading courses available near me, all of them 1-3 days. Bliss’ course is 5 days, with an additional shadow day as well as a day of home study. I cannot even imagine what would be cut from a shorter course! I feel really confident starting right away and I know that if I have any questions or need support that the Bliss team is there to help.”

Vienna Di R – Bliss Course & Start up Package

“I just want to say that the course Bliss taught me was very knowledgeable. I couldn’t imagine taking a 2-day course and feeling comfortable working on patients. Everything was explained in great detail and was very helpful, all the way from color training to going over different situations you may come across. In the end It was nice to be told that I could always call Bliss if I had any questions or comments or was unsure of anything and that they would help me through it.”

Breanna. S – Bliss Course

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